AOKC 2018



November 16th, 2018 – November 18th, 2018.

Organizer: Mrs. Do Sao Mai (from Beso Latino Vietnam)

Location: Cung Xuan Palace – No.1, Vo Thi Sau str., Hai Ba Trung distr., Hanoi, Vietnam.

AOKC 2018

  • WIN Prizes:

    • 01 First Prize: 1,500 USD in cash
    • 01 Runner Up: 500 USD in cash
    • 01 Nominated prize: Full pass for 02 persons for Vietnam Latin Xperience 2019
  • Contestants’ achievements:

    • To participate in the competition and get a chance to win a prize of USD 1,500 (One thousand five hundred US Dollars)
    • To access to various activities of Vietnam Latin Xperience 2018 (VLX 2018) including workshops, performances and social dancing parties. (except Master Classes and Bootcamps)
    • To get a complimentary T-shirt of VLX 2018.
    • To meet, share and learn from artists and dancers from all around the world.
  • Participation requirements:

    • Participation requirements: All ages, nationalities, levels are qualified for competition.
    • Registration fee (including VLX2018 full pass):
    • USD 199/ couple if the registration and payment are made before July 01st, 2018.
    • USD 249/ couple if the registration and payment are made from July 01st to August 31st, 2018.
    • USD 299/ couple if the registration and payment are made from September 01st to October 31st, 2018.
    • Form of registration: Register as couple (01 male & 01 female).
    • Registration deadline: October 31st, 2018
  • How to register:

    • Step 1: Fill in the Registration Form of AOKC 2018
    • Step 2: Pay the registration fee
      • Via Bank transfer (T/T): Payment made to account number 13822156621012 of Do Sao Mai at Techcombank, Ha Thanh branchin Vietnam. Description: AOKC2018_your full name, email,  telephone number.
      • Via Paypal : (Account’s owner : Do Sao Mai)
    • Step 3: Receive the confirmation email from the Organizer ( The confirmation email shall be sent to you after your payment of registration fee is successfully made.
  • The competition guidelines:

    Round 1: Improvisation


    • Time: 07:30pm Saturday 17th Nov 2018
    • In this round, competing couples will be divided in groups (depending on the total number of participants). The couples will dance on the spot to random songs selected by the organizers (kizomba, ghetto zouk, tarraxa, semba).
    • Judges will choose qualified couples to participate in Round 2.


    Round 2: Choreography


    • Time: 09:30pm Sunday 18th Nov
    • Each qualified couple will prepare a choreo ranging from 2.30min – 3.30min. The choreo can be all kizomba, or all urban kiz or mix of both. To allow for creativity, the participants have the option of infusing 30% of their choreo with optional dance styles (not compulsory) such as tarraxinha, semba, afro house…
    • We will announce our judging critera for Choreography round soon, so all participants know exactly what the judges will score upon.
    • Based on the choreo rounds of the semi-finalist, The Judges will deliver the final decision on the winning couple and runners-up.
    • The judges’ score will also be announced publicly in the end of the competition.
  • Feel free to contact us:




Name of the competition:

  • Short name: AOKC 2018

Time and location:

  • Time: November 17th, 2018 – November 18th, 2018.
  • Location: Cung Xuan Palace – No.1, Vo Thi Sau str., Hai Ba Trung distr., Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Organizer: Ms. Do Sao Mai – Beso Latino Vietnam

Contact us:

  • Facebook Fanpage: Vietnam Latin Xperience
  • Hotline/Whatsapps: 0084 912 317 274
  • Email:


There are 05 members of Judges Committee:

  • Curtis
  • Carola
  • To be confirm
  • To be confirm
  • To be confirm

!!! Important Notice !!!:

If you have purchased VLX fullpass/ full party pass and wish to upgrade to AOKC 2018 competition pass, please contact us. We will send you separate invoice to upgrade your pass. You will only have to pay the difference between the current competition pass fee and the fee you already paid.

  • Form of registration: Register as couple (01 male & 01 female).
  • Registration deadline: October 31st, 2018